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History of Gambling in The World From England to Malaysia

History of Gambling in The World

History of gambling in the world, from England to Malaysia, Anyone know the history of gambling in the world? Trusted online casino malaysia, gambling is still a taboo subject and is against the law. Gambling is an illegal act that carries the risk of making the people involved in it face severe legal consequences.

But behind the controversy, gambling games have a long story and history that you may not have known before.

History of Gambling in The World

Quoting information from the information database site, wikipedia. Gambling has been around since history was written, precisely in the Paleolithic period. In 3000 BC, the 6-sided dice was invented. However, the dice found were still in the form of astragali (dice made of animal bones or teeth).

In China, gambling began in the first millennium BC. At that time, gambling houses and gambling using animals had begun to spread widely. Lotto and domino games began to appear in China in the early 10th century. Meanwhile, card games are said to have appeared in China in the 9th century AD.

The Wikipedia page also reveals historical facts about the famous poker card gambling

in America. The game of poker is said to have originated from the Persian card game As-Nas which was invented in the 17th century.

Gambling in the UK

Still talking about the history of gambling in the world. The United Kingdom also has a long history of gambling. Gambling has become an entertainment that has been practiced in the United Kingdom. Horse racing is a favorite type of gambling in the United Kingdom that has been played for more than 3 centuries.

History records that the first horse race was held in 1539 in Chester. In 1711, the Ascot Racecourse was officially opened under the patronage of the Queen of England, Anne.

This horse racing competition is also increasing in popularity. Many horse racing events were organized such as The Five Classic Race which was first started in 1776 and the Epson Derby in 1780.

Gambling in the United States

Similar to the United Kingdom, gambling has also been a popular activity in the United States for centuries. Interestingly enough, gambling was banned throughout the United States. This happened in the early 20th century.

Gambling became illegal and spurred the growth of the mafia and other criminal organizations. But the gambling ban across America began to loosen in the late 20th century.

Gambling in America was only officially legalized or restricted in 2008. Gambling has also been a sector of the United States’ gross income to this day.

Types of Gambling in the World

If quoting from the Wikipedia page. Broadly speaking, gambling is divided into 3 different types namely Casino Games, Non-Casino Games and Fix Odds Betting.

Casino Games

Online Casino Malaysia games are all gambling that is done at the casino. In the casino itself, there are generally 3 types of games offered, namely:

Table Games

Non Casino Games

These non-casino games are the opposite of casino games, where gambling is done outside the casino. Some examples of these Non Casino games are as follows:

Carnival Games like The Razzle or Hanky ​​Pank

Fix Odds Betting

Fix Odds Betting is a type of gambling and betting of odds. Usually this gambling takes advantage of a number of big moments such as political elections, sporting events and others. Some examples of this type of gambling are:

Sport betting (sports betting), Gambling by betting on athletes or sports teams to win a competition or match.

Parimutuel betting, a type of betting on horse racing or greyhound racing.

Virtual Sport, a type of gambling that is similar to sports betting. The difference is that the sports played are virtual games, aka not held in real terms (made by software).

Regulations About Gambling In The World

Talk about regulation of gambling. Many local and national jurisdictions prohibit or restrict gambling activities. One form of controlling this gambling activity is to only give permission to operate gambling only to vendors who have a license.

Usually this gambling legalization is only for cities that have gambling tours in them. In short, it is a form of government involvement with gambling through regulation and taxation. Some countries such as Monaco and China explicitly make gambling as a sector of state income.

Gambling regulations also limit access for people who can engage in gambling. Some countries set an age limit for a person to be able to participate in gambling.

An example is the United States which implements regulations that a person must be over 21 years of age to be able to enter a casino or club.

Countries That Legalized Gambling

Currently, many countries make gambling as a sector of state income such as Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. These countries have officially legalized gambling in them.

Even Italy has the first government-owned casino in Europe called The Ridotto which is located in Venice.

Macau, which is one of the countries that legalize gambling, also has many world-class casinos in its city.

The Biggest Gambling City in the World

Still related to the history of gambling in the world, Las Vegas is the largest gambling city in the world to date. This city in the state of Nevada was founded in 1905, but officially became a city in 1911.

The city is known as the largest entertainment and gambling center in the world because of the many luxury casino resorts and adult entertainment centers in it Trusted online casino malaysia.

Until now, Las Vegas itself has become a tourist spot for upper class tourists who want to gamble or enjoy adult entertainment. A number of luxury casinos adorn the Las Vegas Strip as well as the Fremont Street Experience

Religious Views About Gambling

Back to taking information from wikipedia, every religion has its own view on gambling. Some of them are:


Based on ancient Hindu poetry such as Gambler’s Lament and the Mahabharata. It can be said that gambling was quite famous among the ancient Indians. However the Sanskrit Arthashastra from the 4th century AD advises against gambling control.

In one of the holy books of the Hindu religion Smerti Sarasamuscaya, gambling is prohibited explicitly in one of the verses, namely:

So the person who is controlled by his lust for anger, cannot help but do evil deeds, until finally he can kill the teacher, and he is able to burn the heart of a pious person, namely attacking him who speaks harsh words (Smerti Sarasamuccaya sloka 105 and 106)


In Islamic teachings, it is clearly stated that gambling is a forbidden thing (forbidden and a sin). There are many verses that confirm this. One of them is verse 219 of surah Al-Baqarah.

They ask you about wine and gambling. Say: “In both of them there is a great sin and some benefit to mankind, but the sin of both is greater than its benefit.” And they ask you what they earn. Say: “That is more than necessary”. Thus Allah explains His verses to you so that you may think (Al-Baqarah Verse 219)


Christians also have views that vehemently reject gambling. There are quite a number of verses in the Bible that make it explicit that gambling is a sin and is forbidden. One of them is from 1 Timothy 6:10.

“Because the root of all evil is the love of money. For it is because of the pursuit of money that some have strayed from the faith and tormented themselves with various sorrows.” (Timothy 6:10.)


We couldn’t find many reviews of the Jewish religion’s view of gambling. However, based on a review from wikipedia, it is stated that the ancient Jews did not like gambling and even punished gamblers.

Negative Consequences of Gambling

Although many people follow gambling just for entertainment. But the fact is that gambling can become a bad habit that affects the life of the gambler itself. Gamblers can experience behavioral addiction, which is an addiction related to a habit.

This behavioral addiction makes it difficult for gamblers to stop gambling. This condition also triggers the emergence of many other negative consequences such as worsening financial conditions to drug and alcohol abuse.

Besides being able to cause behavioral addiction, gambling can also cause other psychological problems, one of which is the loss of the ability to judge.

According to research from Kyoto University, Japan, gambling habits can cause gamblers to often make risky decisions, despite knowing the consequences.

This is due to changes in the part of the gambler’s brain. Where that part of the brain has adapted to conditions or situations that involve high risk.

In addition, this study also found that people who have a gambling habit have a high potential to experience anxiety disorders and depression.

Still about the negative consequences of gambling. Most of the ill effects of gambling are related to changes in the brain. Many health pages mention that the habit of gambling can trigger excess production of the hormone dopamine in the brain.

This excess production of the hormone dopamine can disrupt the connections of nerves in the brain and cause brain damage. Symptoms of brain damage are usually characterized by tremors or muscle stiffness.

Why Gambling Can’t Be Legalized in Malaysia?

From the previous discussion, it is known that gambling can be a promising sector of state income. This has been done and proven by several major countries that have legalized gambling.

However, the possibility for Malaysia to take a similar step “legalizing gambling” can be said to be very small. Why is that?

If you take the basis from various reviews on the Internet, one of the reasons is related to norms, morals and religion in Malaysia. As you know, Malaysia is one of the countries with the majority of the population being Muslim.

Gambling in Islam is something that is prohibited. This will certainly be controversial if a country with a Muslim majority population legalizes gambling in it.

Bad Impact If Gambling Is Legalized in Malaysia

If you assume that gambling is actually legalized in Malaysia, what do you think will happen? If the legalization of gambling in Malaysia becomes real, there are a number of good and bad things that can happen.

Start with the good things first. As previously explained, gambling can be a potential sector of state income. The government can earn more annually from gambling companies through taxes and other fees.

Not only that, gambling can also be one of the tourism sectors that attracts tourists, especially foreign tourists. An example can be seen from the city of Las Vegas which has successfully attracted many upper-middle class tourists with gambling as its main attraction.

But there are also bad things that can happen if gambling is really legalized in Malaysia. One of the bad things that will happen is the increase in the number of gambling addictions in Malaysia.

Gambling activity is actually very addictive like narcotics. People who often gamble can become addicted to gambling and find it difficult to stop. This addiction can also lead to many other bad things such as increasing suicide cases.

There is data from the UK which states that every year there are around 650 young gamblers who make suicide attempts every year. Not only that, legalizing gambling also has the potential to increase crime rates in Malaysia. According to an economic study, there is a positive relationship between gambling and crime. Several studies also reveal that countries with high gambling rates also have high crime rates.

The legalization of gambling has also had an impact on the economic sector. With the legalization of gambling venues, some businesses or businesses are also likely to experience losses. This is because gambling places such as casinos have also penetrated other business branches such as restaurants, lodging and others. This will lead to an unhealthy business competition.

Gambling Turns Out to Have Been Legalized in Malaysia

Maybe not many of you know that gambling was actually legal in Malaysia. This happened in 1960. Sourced from the page, the Social Rehabilitation Foundation established by the government held legal gambling in the form of lottery prizes.

The prize drawing organized by the Social Rehabilitation Foundation is held once a month. The value of this lottery was quite fantastic at that time, reaching 500 thousand rupiah. While the lowest value of this lottery ranges from 10 to 20 thousand.

Not only gambling in the form of lottery, the Social Rehabilitation Foundation also organized lottery gambling which was known as the tail lottery at that time.

The tail lottery game system is also quite easy. Where players only need to guess the last 2 numbers that will be issued by the Social Rehabilitation Foundation.

The tail lottery gambling was very popular at that time, even to remote corners of the country. The target of this tail lottery gambling is the lower middle class such as farmers, laborers and small traders.

According to a review from the history page, the legalization of gambling in the 1960s was said to cover the funding needs of social interests and also the development of sports.

That’s a glimpse of our review of the history of gambling in the world. Hopefully this review can be useful and entertaining.

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